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The most common mistakes made by women in choosing clothes:

Not dressing properly

You won’t be able to attend an elegant party in a shabby pants and a street festival in a night outfit. This is the simplest etiquette. If you are attending an activity where your comfort is at the forefront, be sure to choose your outfit accordingly.

Not dressing for age

If you are 30 or older, bury your camouflage pattern in the depths of your wardrobe or give it to your niece. Because they really are for teens.

Able to match tones

You may be obsessed with color matching, but if you can’t match the tones, forget it. Nowadays, all fashion designers say color harmony is very outmoded. There are more important details than color matching…

Just wear tights

Tights have been fashionable for several seasons, but if you don’t trust your legs enough, never wear tights alone. Make it look more attractive with long tunics and high heels.

White boots never to be taken

Fashion veterans are white; Heels Boots says it’s nothing but vulgarize a woman. You listen to them, and if you have such a boot, find ways to give it up immediately.

Using accessories that are disproportionate to the body
If you are overweight, you should choose larger shoulder bags instead of a small backpack. So you can camouflage your excess weight.

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